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The Walk ‘n Roll Hose Winder was developed by Reel Fast Inc. specialists in the field of water management and pool service.

Patent Pending.
Made in the USA with pride.

The Walk 'n Rolltm 
Hose Winder
winds lay flat hose 
The Walk 'n Roll Hose Winder 
deploys in seconds and is easily 
managed by one person.

•  Folds to 12” high x 21” wide x 24” long
•  Shipping weight:  50 pounds.

•  Capacity:  100 feet of 1.5” to 5" d lay flat hose   
•  Supplied with 2 spindles to fit most hose ends   
•  Crank has a 3:1 reduction for ease of winding
•  Pneumatic 10” wheels roll easily over
    uneven terrain
•  Anti-unwind brake goes on when the 
    push bar is released
•  Brakes on rear casters.

•  Sturdy, dependable welded steel
•  Durable powder coat finish
•  Ball bearings throughout
•  Easy access to internal parts.

Trouble-free design ensures dependable 
performance in heavy duty applications 
requiring long lengths of hose.  

Adaptable to both plant and field use.  

After use, lay flat hoses may be full of water, covered with dirt, on rough terrain and far from a vehicle.  The hose is led through an adjustable guide with rollers and a scraper to squeeze out water and remove debris.  Then the hose end is fitted
into a unique spindle with a crank that is geared down 3:1 to easily wind up heavy hoses.

Large pneumatic wheels readily pass over rough ground.  A brake prevents the hose from unwinding.  Back at the vehicle, the coil is simply pulled off the spindle for easy storage.

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Save time getting lay flat hose back to your vehicle 
quickly and easily–even over rough terrain– 
and be ready for the next event.  Time is money.